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Our BC of 16 years passed away this summer and "this house just ain't no home" without a dog so we adopted an 8 month old Border Collie mix named Rojo. The rescue seems to think she's mixed with some kind of cattle dog, perhaps a Catahoula. What do you think?


She's super sweet and super smart. Like, I hide my pin number when at the ATM smart. Anyway, here she is...










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I'm so sorry for your loss.


Congratulations on bringing Rojo into your life. She's lovely!


With a rescue of unknown origin we can almost never be 100% sure, but from the photos I have no reason to think she's not a border collie. Many rescue & shelter volunteers are unfamiliar with smooth coated border collies an/or unusual colors (my red guy was listed as an Aussie mix because he looks like a border collie but is a tri with brindle points :rolleyes: ), and the combination of both here may have had them saying mix to cover their butts. Her muzzle looks like it might be somewhat blunter than most border collies, but with so much variation in the breed she looks like she could also be the real deal to me.


Whatever she is, Rojo looks like she's a lot of fun and will definitely make your house a home again. :)

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Sorry for your loss, and congratulations on your new addition. I agree that a home should include a dog (or some type of pet).


She does look a lot like many of the Catahoula mixes I see in rescue here in the Southeast. I think border collie mixed with catahoula is a pretty good guess if you live in the southeast.


She is really pretty and eye-catching.

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Well, we sent off for one of those canine DNA tests. Doesn't really matter what she is but we were just curious. And, it looks like I need to find another forum, she is 62.5% Australian Shepherd and 12.5% Australian Cattle dog with the rest being small amounts of Asian, guard and terrier groups. Anyway, the test was $75 and it was at least $75 worth of fun going through all the info in the test.

Thanks for all the input.

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