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Our first agility run thru (fun run)

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Oh what a day it was yesterday. Peter has been in agility almost a year now and we did our first run thru. He may not have been perfect, or even good, but boy did he have fun. All the dogs had a blast though. A golden was picking up the numbered cones and running with them, I got to see a beautiful saluki sprint around the ring after fishing the course. It was awesome. Peter saw his favorite trainer that he hasn't seen in months, so during his first run, when he was on the opposite of the ring than her, he sprinted so fast he was super sonic. His second run was a lot better. The best part was the end which was a tunnel to the A frame to a final jump. He whipped through the tunnel like a sling shot, shot up and down the A frame, then disregarded the last jump and fished by jumping in my arms. We all just laughed and had a good time which is really what it's all about. Such a great I'm and can't wait to do it again!


The funniest thing is Peter is a tortoise during class. Takes his time, acts like he can't run and when his teacher saw how he sprinted yesterday it was like holy cow is he fast!

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Yay! Sounds like a great day. I wonder what makes Peter so speedy in this context vs the class?

Not sure but it sure is funny! I think because his favorite trainer was there that he knows when he is done he gets to see her again. Maybe she needs to come to his practice too!

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