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dear Maaki, I know it seems hard having a dog that wants your attention so much, but that is the border collie breed. They were bred to have a job and to work with a human partner. They can pretty obsessively follow you around. with that said, they really don't need that much attention and can thrive with quiet time as well. I made the mistake with my now 9 yr old BC of thinking he had to have several hours of ball throwing or frisbee tossing a day and constant attention. All I did was to build stamina in my dog, lol. but it has also taken a physical toll on him. he also became very obsessed with playing ball and was constantly wanting me to throw the ball. It got very tiring. I ended up hiding of all of the toys and only bring them out once and a while on my terms. i have also taught him to go to his place instead of constantly pestering me. it has been tough, but he is slowly breaking the habit of wanting the ball all of the time or constantly needing my attention. but I also don't mind that they want to be in the same room as I am. I have 3 other BCs now and have not taught them to play ball. just like with kids, dogs, especially BCs, need structure. They can be very adaptable and learn what is expected, Also, 3 cups of food a day is a lot. two of my dogs only get a cup and a half a day. cutting back on the amount of food will not only help your dog get in shape and better health, but it will save you a lot of money as well. but it sounds like maybe this dog is not a good fit for you. please seek out a good border collie rescue. Please don't consider euthanizing him. punishing your dog for a problem you created is unfair. there are a lot of people with a lot of experience with border collies that could give him a happy and healthy life.

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