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Haha what a cool vid Maja! It seems the ewes are pretty relaxed about their offspring "playing" with the dog :)

Also enjoyed the slomo replays of their antics.

It is still a long six weeks until the first lambs at our place, ah well, I will have Peli to fill the cuteness void.....

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Who is Peli and why haven't I seen a picture of Peli? We are all done with lambing, the last one popped out two days ago.


Darinka is actually quite superfluous there, from the point of view of what the lambs are doing. I think once I actually asked her to make the lambs switch the direction so that a person watching the vid does not get dizzy :) . Every morning the bunch of woolly rascals run in circles like that, dog or not. And they are driving Darine nuts. She is not treating them as full sheep yet, but when they scatter all over she thinks this is wrong, man, this is just plain immoral!

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