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Since no one has a question, I have advice

A notion that training will be done at a fixed time, has been drawn to my attention. "I will train my dogs at 6:00 pm." It doesn't work that way. The current severe heat in the east changes our opportunities to train. Six in the morning is the best window, when it is coolest. our job as trainers is to optimize conditions for a young dog. No way can they think well enough to learn if they get too hot, not to mention the damage you might do health wise, for the long run. We go for the coolest part of the day, when our canine partners can remain level headed, and clear sighted. We limit the demands we make during a hot spell: your ability to solve a problem, if one develops is constrained by how hot your dog becomes. Ending a training session on a positive note can be awkward, if you are forced to give up due to the heat. Don't go too far. Keeps sessions short and manageable. Be content with a dog re-enforcing things it may already know. No pushing of the envelope.

The optimizing of conditions applies to other factors. Grass should be kept short so the youngster is not bombarded by seed heads when he is giving a flank all he's got. Sheep should be free and places with unmanageable draws that work to defeat the young dog should not be allowed

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Thank you for this, Amanda!


I had a youngster out with a trainer one summer that turned out to be brutally hot and humid where they were located (south-central Virginia). Instead of the three short sessions a day as planned (early morning, mid-day, and evening) the trainer only worked with my dog very early in the morning, because it was just not safe or smart to try and work him at any other time of day. Disappointing, but absolutely the right thing to do to preserve his physical and mental health.


Your advice is always appreciated!

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