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I've been training Cody for agility and things are finally coming together. The problem now is that he is flattening out over the jumps and knocking the bar off. I'll also add that he is a bit of a velcro dog and we are working on that. He'll knock a jump off too because he'll turn to look for me as he goes over it. I'd appreciate any advice on how to correct this problem. Thanx!

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Try using a target to get Cody going over the jump without ever looking at you. Once that is good work on (still with the target) getting him to drive over the jump no matter what you do. (wave your arms, stand on your head, and so on). Once the dog takes off the should jump clean regardless of what you are doing.


That might help some. Do you always jump him at the same height? If you do, then lower it way down and see if he still jumps high. If he does jump really hight over a low jump then he isn't really thinking about it and needs more jump training.


Clean Run has an article going right now about jumping and getting your dog to jump proper. I don't know when it started but it is still going and a really great article.

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Sorry, codysmom - I meant to get back to you, but I was looking for a more complete and accurate answer than I could give off the top of my head.


Here are a couple of links that may be helpful grid1

grid2 grid3


The basis of the training is that the dog learns to be a thinking jumper by being presented with a number of different jumping sequence challenges, which allow him to learn to make decisions about take-off, jumping style for that jump etc.


Hope that makes sense.

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