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Dazzle's First Agility Brag!!!

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We went to the Seattle Agility Center's Agilympics last Saturday and what a great time we had! It was Dazzle's first ever "trial" (well, this wasn't really a trial, just fun games. So no Qs or anything). There were four games (you can read about them on the website) that were ALL really fun! SAC really did a great job on this.


Some of you know that Dazzle was/is having teeter-totter and dogwalk noise issues - well, no problem at Argus Ranch! (where the games were held). She had NO fear and ran like crazy (is that good or bad? :rolleyes: ). She did really great for her first time out. I was so proud of her! On top of that, Dazzle really should have been in the "beginner" level (for dogs that have never been to a trial before) but the whole team had to be at the same level so we went in Novice instead. That said, I think she did alright. :D


These are the awards she (we) got:


Highest Scoring Novice Dog in "Tunnel Luge" (one of the games)

Highest Scoring Novice Dog in "Double Dog Dare Ya" (another game)

Overall Highest Scoring Novice Junior Handler


And the whole team got this award. Not really anything to be proud of but here it is anyway....


Overall Lowest Scoring Novice Team


Her first "real" trial (NADAC) will be in November, but I was glad to let her have a test run to see how she would do at Argus Ranch - and she did great! I was just so happy that she didn't shut down or anything. Just her having a great time would have been enough for me

Well, there is our first brag.


Oh and one last thing, was anybody else from the boards there??

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Congrats, well done, and sorry we didn't go. We went to the Winter Agilympics back in December and had a blast. Our team managed to get first place in the Novice group, and I was very pleased with how Grace did in her very first non-lesson agility outing.


It's definitely a not too stressful, very fun day of agility. I really like the facility too - the Argus Ranch, right?


The professional photog got some nice shots of us here. Warning though - his website and the Firefox browser definitetly don't get along. I have to downgrade to Internet Explorer to view it.




We're 12005-1009 through 1012.


Congrats again! Maybe we'll catch you at the next one.

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Tod (infinite exposures photographer guy) was there this time too - sadly we missed him and didn't buy pictures so we are going to get them online but he doesn't have them on the website yet. Still waiting for them. Love the pictures he got of your dogs! He got some great ones of Dazzle on the dogwalk - I can't wait to get them! I wish my camera could handle the light in the barn - but it can't at ALL! :rolleyes: aw well, that is what infinite exposures is there for! :D


And yes, I am a JH. There were actually quite a few JH there - I was impressed. Probobly because if you are a JH are get a free Agility journal. :D

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I agree! Yay for jrs! :rolleyes:


I would rather not say how old I am, but a JH is under 17.


I do indeed spend ALL of my free time learning everything there is about dogs. And when I am not doing that, or school, I am teaching Dazzle another trick. :D Her latest is "side walk" - she has to get one the side walk and not get off unless I say "OK". Hopefully that will keep her from ever getting hit by a car.

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I started with Peanut (the little shih tzu) but after a few years of training I wanted something....more. So that is when I got Dazzle.


You could say she is my first "real" agility dog, but I did train Peanut in agility before I got Dazzy.

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