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My BC recently had surgery for a torn ACL using the TPLO procedure.

Has anyone else had this experience and if so could you give me some idea as to the length of

recovery time you experienced?

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Also there is a facebook group called Orthodogs which may be useful. Many of the members have dogs going through the same surgery and rehab.

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Both the TPLO and TTA procedures are wonderful for CCL ruptures. In most cases the dogs are doing better than they should be by the time their sutures are removed, therefore it is common to allow too much activity too soon. I work in canine physical rehabilitation - if you have someone you can see locally, I'd recommend it.


In general, most dogs are not as good as they are going to be soundness wise until between 6-12 months post op. Take your time in getting your dog back to work. I have a theory about why the opposite limb is more likely to require surgery once they've had the other done and that is because people let their dogs go back to work before they are truly 100% equally weight bearing.


Good luck!

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