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Any advice for my puppy?

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Hi to everyone, I've only just joined.

Came across the boards reading up on everything for my new BC.


We got him just 3 days ago, he is 9 weeks old.


Basically just wondered if any of you had any good advice for me in bringing my pup up well from this age.


He loves to play football with my 2 children (6 and 2 years old).


He will also nip at any time possible, whether it be at the feet clothes hands or face. I already expected this is normal puppy behavior, which I have now read it definately is lol.


Any tips to get the nipping under control?? I understand it could take some time too?? But any help would be really appreciated.


Have had an alsation and lab X collie when growing up (parents dogs) but this is the first dog I've actually owned and would love to give him the happiest healthy life I can.


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Congrats on getting him, I would love to see pictures of the little cutie!


For the nipping, when any little puppy teeth come in contact with human skin - yelp. Really loud and high pitched. That is what mother dogs do to teach the pups not to bite them so it is VERY effective. You have to do it every time though, at least, until 7-8 months at which time more of a correction should be used if the pup is STILL biting/nipping.


Let the pup see EVERYTHING. There have been some recent threads on how to do this and suggestions for things to let the pup see.


Are you going to do crate training? (if not, you should, if you are, we can help with how to do it). How is house training going? Let us know if you have any issues with that.


As for raising him, mostly, let the pup see everything, don't let him bite/nip people, play with him a lot, take him outside every 5 seconds :rolleyes: , do a bit of obedience training (the basic sit, down, come - not to much until he is older though, he needs to just be a pup for now) and most of all, take lots of pictures and enjoy watching him grow up!


Are you going to do any activities with him (agility, herding, flyball, etc.) or is he going to just be a companion dog? Agility is really fun with these guys! :D

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Kye is now 5 months old and the nipping has stopped. We also yelped as suggested by Kat's Dogs and it works really well. Added to this, I spent an amount of time handling him around his mouth (outside to start with then inside) training him to open his mouth and let me put my finger in. This has come in most useful as he is now going through the teething, chew anything and everything stage.


Don't forget to date those pictures :rolleyes:

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