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To the Border Bred - DVD available


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I remember hearing about this DVD while it was still in progress. I just found out that it is now available.


If you are interested, you can buy it from the filmmaker's website (Catbird?) or by it from here:




I am not a super computer savvy person, but the DVD from the Catbird site is in PAL format which plays well on European DVD players, and reportedly also plays on most computer DVD players (regardless of country). If purchased from the Working Sheepdog website, you can choose which format you prefer - PAL or NTsomethingsomething (which plays on USA, Japan and Canada? DVD players).


I ordered mine from the Working Sheepdog website.


Disclaimer: I have no connection with either site/company.

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We sold 75 of these as a fundraiser at the Bluegrass two years ago. They were only available in PAL at that time, I think. Catbird Video is Dave Imas' company. Shadowcat Films is the company that filmed, produced, and distributes this video (which is also, as you noted, available via other sources).

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