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6 straight weaves!

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After doing WAM by ourselves since sunday, my little Pete did 6 weaves straight up today! We started doing them in September in class and only had class once a week and not doing weaves every week. So we said what the hell let's build a PVC set and get these perfected. Pretty proud of this guy. Short fun sessions was the key. We will continue to have the beginning of his home sessions with the poles slightly split and if he does well, I'll put them straight again. How exciting!

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Good job. I got flustered and impatient in my attempts to train weaves (previous dog, Dynamo) and left that up to my husband. Then I got to take credit for fantastic weaves.

In other words, you have my admiration, as I never managed it.

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Thank you! I get frustrated because when I was teaching my first BC weaves, they were straight in 15ish minutes. Then I have to tell myself not to compare them because they are so different when it comes to how they learn. He's so hyper and wants to be a crazy dog and jumps on the couch, chair, ottoman, etc because he knows in class it isn't weaves over and over again. At least he's having fun I guess!

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