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Preliminary DNA test for Early Adult Onset Deafness now available!

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No, it was not "generally known" - at least not to those of us "on the fringe".


Interestingly I had been hearing about ProjectDog's project several weeks before the official announcement was made.


I don't know what that says other than that information travels in strange and mysterious ways in the current state of technology.

Several weeks is not a long time. ABCA was not under any type of requirement to make a statement at all; they did it by request of the membership, to which they responded in appropriate and timely fashion - just not by Facebook standards! The inflammation of many avid users of social media doesn't set the pace of thoughtful research, communication or decision making, thank goodness! Peace out!

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RE: Secrecy within the ABCA, specifically the health & genetics committee


You all call it secrecy; we call it maintaining confidentiality of information shared in private by those we work with.


If we did share this confidential information, word would get out within the scientific community that the ABCA cannot be trusted with confidential information. Why would these researchers choose to work on health and genetics issues in our breed when there are many other breeds with issues that can be studied? We could share confidential information provided to us by owners/breeders about their dogs, but then why would people ever trust us to share this valuable information about our breed and their dogs in the future?

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