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I actually didn't think sable was all that uncommon in working lines. I know a pup who's absolutely sable. He's not quite 6 months old, so his coat is still changing, but he's a smooth coat and as 100% working bred as can be. That's just one, but I didn't think they were rare like the merles are in working lines.

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I find color fascinating. I don't agree with breeding for it, but I like knowing when and why they show up.


I do the same with horses. I research all the dilute colors, paint genes, shading genes, etc. But at the end of the day my barn is filled with damn nice sorrel cowhorses.


I also find it comical how many serious breeders and horse trainers don't understand color. It's not important, but to me it's a piece of the whole puzzle of what you're breeding. A client of our trainer breeds very nice horses, and he didn't find it at all odd that his "brown" mare produced two buckskins when bred with solid studs. And another friend bought a mare who, surprise(!), was bred. The previous owners said she must have been exposed to one of their studs, a sorrel. And yet the sorrel mare bred to a sorrel stud produced a grulla paint. They never asked, registered the horse with the supposed bloodlines and are showing it. It's quite obvious (to me) that the previous owners lied about the bloodlines, which matters very greatly to me. An understanding of color can give you great insights.


Again, I don't agree with breeding for it, but you can't say we're supposed to ignore color entirely.

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... I don't agree with breeding for it, but you can't say we're suppose to ignore color entirely.


This. And there's a big difference between being interested in, or even fascinated by something and advocating for it.


So yeah, I'm fascinated by colors that show up in border collies but would never support breeding for them over breeding for working ability.

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Well when we are talking taste, though upp til now I have only owned the boring traditional black and white border collies, I really like the looks of a nice tri (pun intended). If a tri from good working parents crosses my path one day, I´d probably not say no.

On the other hand I never cared for merle, don´t like their "messy" look.

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