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Please keep your fingers crossed that this is going to be my pup.

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Thanks for all the ideas, my husband is from Vermont and we lived in Newport, Rhode Island for 20 years. Geographical names are hard, Newport is a horrid dogs name, and I don't want to use a name that has no connection. And Aquidneck, which is Native American name for the island is not meant to be a name, if people have a problem with Rievaulx (Revo) I can only imagine the outcome!!!!!

I think Brady would make a great dogs name, but first I am not naming my dog after a quarterback no matter how cute and talented, plus our previous border collie was called Brody.

My other half is a huge New England sports fan but does not want to use an obvious reference.

Baron, Knight, King, Master. Sir.

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It is so much fun mulling over names ahead of time. I won't make suggestions, as I did the same thing, on this forum, no less. Wonderful names, great suggestions, and then he came home, and nothing fit, and Sonic came into my head, and it was done.

Have fun playing the name game...and don't worry, you'll get it right when you hold him in your hands.

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