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On the topic of Freestyle - A BIG surprise!!

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We got our results back from the DCD Challenge Dance into Spring Event.


I had fully expected Tessa to earn our level (100 points needed for that), but I did not expect - no way, never - for her to win the Le La Ru Award for getting the highest score of the event!!!


Speedy earned two of those, and even Dean had one, but I really never expected Tessa to get one. With a high score, too - 152!


If any of you would like to see the video . . . enjoy!! Tessa had quite a lot of input into the choreography for this - hence, the incorporation of the jumps!!


This is for the DCD Challenge Entertainment Division, Feature Presentation. In this division, and at this level, video editing is encouraged and is actually considered in the judging (editing is not allowed in any other division). Scoring also includes evidence of a theme and matching the choreography to the theme, showcasing the dog's strengths, handler being supportive of the dog, work on all three sides of the handler (heel, side, and center), clarity of floor patterns, attire not drawing attention off the dog, and some other factors.


This was a really pleasant surprise for us!! If you would like to watch, enjoy her performance!


This is Tessa's New York, New York!



Incidentally, this is also the routine with which we earned our WCFO Intermediate title. For that performance the pivot toward the beginning of the routine was performed behind us, and when we ran, I got out ahead of her to have her following me. In the Challenge, behind the handler is not recognized as a position, and having her behind me for those elements would be considered disrespectful to the dog (follow position is required in WCFO Intermediate), so we altered the routine a bit. I like it this way much better.

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