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Traing a Border Collie to play frisbee

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My niece Mandy is an 8 year old border collie who is getting broad in the ass and needs more excersize.


I have tried to get her to catch a frisbee but she will look at the horizon, then looks at me with the expression that says "why the hell should I chase after THAT"


Any suggestions?

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Cut back on the dog's food and take her for walks. See if there is some other game she prefers to chasing a Frisbee. If she is very low energy consider discussing this with the vet. She could have something medical going on, such as low thyroid or be in some sort of pain.



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Check out this site:




Download the 'Getting Started Info" file. It has some tips about how to get a dog interested in the disc.


I've read that feeding a dog from the disc is a good place to start too. Just replace their food bowl with it. Though make sure the disc you're using is safe for that. I've heard some aren't, but can't find them anywhere. :rolleyes:

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Some dogs don't go for frisbees. Even some BCs!

Don't force it, just do something that she enjoys more. (training, tennis balls, ect.)


If your dog is getting overweight, you should talk to your vet. Sometimes it can be a really bad thing - other times the dog it just getting too much food. So check with your vet about what to do/what it could be.


If you really want to go with frisbees, teach her to "get it" (bring you a toy - start with a toy she likes) and then start asking her to bring you the fisbee. Once she knows that it is just another toy she should like it better. Also, build her drive for it. Throw it a short distance and hold her back. Then start wispering "are you ready?.....do you want it?..wanna go get it?....you ready?" and then let her rip! :rolleyes:


Hope that helps a bit, remember, some dogs don't go for frisbees. If you force it, she will never enjoy it.

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Some dogs that are not inclined to fetch objects can be taught by several methods.


One method I tried is to first, play with the toy yourself and make alot of noise and act nutty. You must make the dog think that the toy is the most fun thing in the world to have.

Then slowly you tease the dog with the dog.

Any reaction to mouth or sniff it earns her a C&T (click & treat).

Keep the play session short and keep the dog interested and dying to play again the next time.


Keep the toy whenever you wont be playing with it. The fun has to be associated with you, not something that the dog can easily have access too and get bored with.


You can give this method a try.

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Whan I started playing frisbee with my dog, he would do the the exact same thing, he would just stare at me and then at the frisbee and back at me. So what i did is, i started throwing right in forn of me and catching it, several times until he was following the frisbee with his eyes, then I would dangle it infront of him until he tried to take a snap at it, and i retrieved really quick so he wouldn't touch it.

After I got his interest in the disc, i would throw just to the side of him, no chasing, just to the side and he would just move to the side and catch it.

Did this for a couple of days, took the frisbee out for a couple of minutes and then put it away, after that i tried short throws, a couple of feet, and did this for a couple of days, and then just started lenghtening the thros little by little.

Now he is just nuts for his frisbee.

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