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Video of farm work and a trial gather

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Bar turned three at the end of January. He ran for two years as a Nursery dog, qualifying for finals both years. He has run in two Open trials since aging out of Nursery, and while he needs a lot more miles, he is a really nice dog for me to run. He has a bit of eye and he is not a powerhouse, but he can move sheep if I keep him out of their faces and don't let him default to his flanking style (when in doubt, flank it out!).


I do not own sheep, and have very little practical work for him to do beyond sorting off sheep at my friend's place. We had the opportunity to do chores on our recent trip. One of the chores was gathering the ewes and lambs (lambs ranging in age from a few days old to a few months old) in a 20 acre-ish field. Bar's first gather left some strays (you can see a white lamb way at the back, for example). He has not, to my knowledge, ever gathered ewes and lambs from a large-ish field, so that was fun. The second day we gathered the field, he did a much better job and I don't believe he left any stragglers. He says that given a few more days' practice, he could be one of those dogs that you can send from the porch and he'll just get you the sneeps. :P



This second video is from the Sonoma Sheep Dog Trial. They run on two different fields; this is the flat field. I know, it doesn't look flat to those of you from the midwest, but you should see the hill field! I was happy with Bar's lift, because the sheep were looking at him, and he still kept walking forward. He got whippy on the fetch, but I didn't help with my whistles, all of which were LATE LATE LATE. Yeah, we're working on it. ;)



This video was shot by Dave Imas of Catbird Videos. He will be at many trials offering his video services. To name a few, he will be at the Bluegrass, the National Cattledog Association Finals, Meeker, and Carbondale for the Finals. His equipment is top of the line, and his understanding of the subject matter results in videos that are just excellent to watch, especially for the purposes of analysis.

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Man I hope to see my girl do big gathers like that someday. She has gotten large flocks for me but not from so far back and they were pretty well grouped already, so awesome!

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