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Border Collies in Michigan/Southern Ontario?

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I hope this is in the right spot, I just wasn't sure where to put it.


So, my little BC Heidi is about 9.5 months old now, and she has ruined me for all other breeds. (I still love my Aussie, and always thought he was SO smart, but Heidi makes him look like a big dummy).


I unfortunately bought an AKC registered dog, and was misled by the "working line" misnomer. With that in mind, I'm determined to go the appropriate route this time. I'm not going to be ready for a little while (mainly because hubby would kill me if I brought another puppy home right now), so I'm looking towards getting a puppy in around 4 or 5 years.


I live in Southern Ontario, so I was thinking of looking in Michigan or Ontario (but could be persuaded to look in Ohio/Indiana), but I don't know anything about where or when trials are hosted, or if there is a website where I could find that information. I also don't know much about actually trialing (Open?Nursery?) other than I go to the Kingston Sheepdog Trials (mu home town) every year, and try to learn what I can so I can make an informed decision on if a particular breeding is a good thing or not.


Would love some insight from people who have purchased BCs from actual working lines/breeders.


Plus a picture for cuteness.


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