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8ft or 12 ft Teeter?

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Dazzle has some teeter issues. Simple as that.


Class time just isn't enough so I decided that I might as well just get one. The place that I want to get it from is pretty cheap and has both 8 ft (practice) and 12 ft (competition) styles. To avoid shipping cost I was going to go and pick it up myself, only thing is, the van can't hold a 12ft board.


Dazzle is being taught to run to the end and then ride the teeter down. My question is, if I practice (a lot) on an 8 foot teeter, will she still be OK on the 12 foot or will she get confused? I have heard of some dogs getting confused by the change in tip point but if she is running to the end.....does it matter??


Also, are there any downfalls in training on an 8 foot?

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I don't know if I can be much help since I don't have a teeter at home, but I did have a teeter phobic dog.


I would go with the 12 ft if at all possible - maybe just buy a base to pick up and then have hubby pick up a 12ft board somewhere closer to home?


The reason I say this is that there's the mantra you hear a lot: Train like you compete, compete like you train and also because I think that the different angle and tipping point could indeed throw a dog off in the ring.


Maggie was very able to tell differences in teeters when we were working through her fear of them and I think the same could be true for your girl. Maggie still knows *exactly* where her tipping point is and will stop there (what I've taught her to do to prevent fly offs); if she had practiced on a different length that point could be quite different and thus cause problems.

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I would tend to agree with Erin - if they are reasonably priced, I'd go with the 12'. Also, can you get one that has an adjustable base? That is, you can set it at a low height, then medium, then eventually full competition height.


Wick goes to the end of the teeter and rides it down, and does a 2o/2o. I don't know if it would make a difference to her if the teeter were only 8', since her job is to get to the end of the plank and wait for it to drop.


Oh, FWIW, Wick had TERRIBLE teeter phobia - took her 18 months to do the darned thing. I don't mean do it slowly, I mean do it at all. But finally the lightbulb turned on, she decided it wasn't going to kill her, and now it's probably her best obstacle.


Good luck!

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I agree with Kristi. I made my own teeter after starting Dylan on a buja board ( ? ). I ordered a plank from a lumber yard 'coz we couldn't fit it into the car either. They delivered it to the house. My post is somewhere in the agility section. We started with the board on the ground and then raised it inch by inch ! He can do a full sized teeter now and loves it. I also got a lot of good hints from the Clean Run Contacts issue magazine. I'd go with the full size if you can. Actually, today Dylan came into contact with a full size dogwalk/plank for the first time at SAR training. I had a clicker and treats but it was way too much for him so we quit.( on a positive note ). It really made me realize that to go slow and work our way up is what works for us - even if other people can drag their dogs over equipment.I thought if he could do the teeter, then he could do the boardwalk already. Not so !!! I've read a lot of your posts and you probably have more experience than me, but it sounds like you're working her on a full teeter already. If that isn't the case, then sorry. I hope it works out.

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I was afraid/hoping you guys would say go with the 12ft!


It is adjustable and also a good $100 more then the 8ft. :rolleyes: This is the link:



It is the same one (by the same company) then the one that is at class and I like his products. Maybe we can strap it to the roof of the car or something. Who knows. I guess the 12ft would be better - there was just no getting around that. We will get it home somehow! Dazzle can help brainstorm on that.... :D


Thanks guys.

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You might consider too that a shorter board could constitute a different tipping point and really mess you up when you start to compete.



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