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Building your own flyball box?

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has anyone here built their own flyball box or are in the process??


Im in the process of building one now.

Here is what it looks like so far.


Its far from done, and my boyfriend is a grease monkey, not a carpenter.. But hes not doing a bad job for a first time carpentry project.



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I have a huge lab that used to send boxloaders flying if the box was too light. He'd also get hurt if the box moved too much. We put adhesive sandpaper on the bottom of the box and that helped dramatically for making the box more stable. We were even able to run him on some pretty light boxes without too much trouble. What I used was sandpaper that is sold in a roll for use on outdoor stairs to make them less slippery. I think it was on an end cap at Home Depot. I covered the entire bottom of the box with the sandpaper strips. For staking it in grass, just have him drill a hole on each side about halfway back on the inside & stake it down with tent stakes. If you put the holes too far to the back, the front of the box will tend to flip up.


I agree that a heavier box is safer (within reason). If you find your box is actually too heavy, you can cut out the sides to reduce weight. Even the Dan Phillips box (www.premierfyballbox.com) which is made with the new composite materials (basically a high density plastic) is still heavy - 57 pounds. I have one & love it. A bunch of the teams in Texas use dollys to wheel their boxes around at tournaments. I just got one this week & will be trying it out at our tournament this weekend : )


Good luck!



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Thanks Dana/


What my boyfriend is doing, is drilling 2 holes at the end of the bottom of the box, putting a washer in there and using huge stakes to hold it in place.


We practice outside in the spring, summer and fall. So it works out good


The box we use now our team captin got from TNTLeatherworx(spelling?) and with the 2 labs 2 pepole have to stand on the box so it doesnt move. So thats why Id rather have a heavy box.


It doesnt matter with my dog because shes out height dog and weight a whole 20 pounds. :rolleyes:

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using huge stakes to hold it in place.


That's what we do as well, with any box, for outdoor tourneys. I do that when I'm practicing alone also.


Dana, we just sold our Phillips' box to get a Tindall box, which is basically the same except lighter. While the weight of the Phillips' box was manageable if 2 people would carry it, it was a PITA at home loading it in and out of my truck by myself. :rolleyes:

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What we did with one of our really light boxes before we discovered the sandpaper was to put extra weights in the box for our lighter boxloaders. We bought weights made for like bench press type stuff & put a screw up through the bottom of the box to hold them in. That way we could have a lighter person on the box. But, yes when we practice outside or indoors on dirt, we always stake all of our boxes. Walmart sells tent stakes in packs of 4 for like $1.50. Just be sure you don't put the hole for the stakes all the way at the back of your box. Most heavy dogs that hit hard will flip the entire front of the box up if it is only staked at the back. If you have them more towards the front - well actually in the middle, then the box will be very stable.


I'm sure you know that you won't be able to have two boxloaders at a tournament, right? If it's an indoor tournament (so you can't stake), I'd definitely do the sandpaper. Even our light boxes were not moving at all with my big lab & a relatively light boxloader when the box was coated with adhesive sandpaper on the bottom.


rtphokie - I wish I'd known you were selling your Phillips box! I'd have had a ton of takers for it : ) I haven't ever seen a Tindall box. Is there a webpage? I'd love to see one.



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I had a two hole from Tindall. Nice, nice.


I could pick it up and everything! That is saying something because I am young and weak! lol


If you can get one from him, get one. They are super nice. Light, great. There is a picture on one of my post of it and Dice.


I just sold mine to a lady in GA a few months back. It was brand new, never used. No wait either! Should have told me you wanted one! lol


*Found I liked herding much more and the gas was costing more then I thought it would! Only reason I sold it! I loved it!*



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