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No treat on obedience?

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Boy knows all of his commands verbally and with hand signals. Pointing means the same thing as verbally telling him to sit. In the example I gave, I could have skipped the verbal "sit" altogether and just pointed.


The snapping of fingers, to him, is an audible correction, along the lines of "no" or "aahhnntt".


Pointing and snapping would have meant, "no, sit".


I can have him do a whole string of things without saying a word. Comes in handy when you're on the phone.


So, ah ha back!! :rolleyes::D

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Wanted to add, we are working back up to the level he was at before. He's now to where he will sit almost always on the first command and only occasionally requires a repeat.


That's why I said "If I had to do all that though, then that would tell me that I needed to spend more time with him on that command".


I've been spending a tremendous amount of time going back over all the things he knows.

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Oh Miz I do so understand having to back track in training because of time lapsing. I'm going through that with the horse right now because over 2 weeks I haven't been able to get out there because of either not feeling well or weather :rolleyes:


But YES Ah HA because to dissect YOUR behavior the point and snap is the same thing as "sit" :D Training this horse has really caused me to look at everything very closely because they aren't around us as long as dogs are in a day to be able to generalize or tune out body language of ours that isn't necessarily directed at them. So although it may seem that horses are super mental, but instead of telekenisis, I believe they are hyper aware of our intentions through muscle movements and posture that is not obvious to us because we look at people all day but that reads like a bill board to them.

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Yes, the snap and point (if needed at all) is the same thing as me telling him "no, sit" (correction and repeat of command). You are right.


But, it is NOT when you said "you could unconsciously be teaching your dog to either ignore the verbal cue or recognize that the cuing sequence is not complete without the "snap and point"


So AH HA AH HA AH HA!! :rolleyes::D :cool: :cool:


(I agree. Paying very close attention to your own body language will go a long ways in training and changing behavior, both canine and equine.)

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I treat to learn a behaviour (ie. sit) and fade it out. Come is special as it gets treated longer and I try to always do a 30 sec treat on the come to make it really special.


But if I'm out somewhere and need my dogs to obey, I may not have treats w/ me. So I need them to be trained to just do as I say. My dogs are eager to please.


I always treat in dog agility training. My dogs don't HAVE to do it. Course, I'm still a beginner and so are my dogs

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We, too, always use treats (or toys) when our dogs are learning to do agility; at least until agility becomes their primary motivator. Then, their reward is being allowed to continue on to the next obstacle. When we're done practicing (or finished on a course), a frisbee or tennis ball is the reward.

We also use treats with young dogs to teach obedience and come. Now, I often call all 7 BCs and 1st one to get to me gets a treat or I tell them sit, down etc. and quickest sit earns a treat.

I teach 1st grade and our school has a tutoring program funded by a grant; community college students are paid to tutor our kids on a regular basis. They are much more reliable and on task than the students we've had volunteer in the past. I'm thinking there's a connection with the paycheck.

Barb S

I love my job, but I don't work for free either.

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