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Border Collie or ????

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OMG Fisher's so CUTE. :D


Niamh's so easy -- she picks up new tricks and commands after one go. She puzzles it out, then just repeats the behavior over and over. I reward her maybe ONCE, but she just knows now. I'd say hop right into obedience training; it seemed to prime her -- she knew how to learn.


She's about 43 pounds now. Not too big, thank goodness. There's definite BC in there, but I can sometimes see a little German Shepherd. Pitbull is still a ??? Her ears are so absurd.

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Aw, thank you! I like to think he is very cute. :D He has been doing well with sit, lie down, stay, standup, shake, high-five. I'm impressed so far, but I might have to start creating some useful and fun ones like you have. I can't seem to get him to follow a treat for "roll over", even though I've watched many YouTube videos on it. He also isn't good at "chase your tail" because he sits his butt down, then tries to scoot around. LOL! At least those commands aren't as important as some of the others. We're signing up for a puppy obedience class that starts the end of the month, mostly for puppy socialization and maybe I'll make some new friends too.


I saw the Instagram feed you shared, and her ears are adorable! I like the 40-ish pound range for dogs. Its big enough to be a "big dog" but small enough to control and pick up if need be. The breeder thought that Fisher would be 35-40lbs, so we'll see.


Please keep us updated with pictures of Niamh. Before I brought Fisher home, I kept trying to find pictures of Border Collies from puppies to adults. I think it's fascinating to see how they grow and change over time.

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I agree with chrisandgabe, love your dog. Just got DNA back on our boy Karson who we thought was mostly BC - Surprise! 25% Golden, 25% Russel Terrier, 25% Australian Shepard, 12.5% Border Collie and 12.5 Labrador.

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