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Brother and sister genetics


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Bam Bam is also 13 years old and is starting to have problems with his back end.


We were thinking of giving him Rimadyl to help it.


A couple of years ago his sister Pebbles hurt her left leg and the vet put her on it but she did not do well with it. Had a bleeding nose for a day until we took her off of it.


Question we have is it more likely that Bam Bam would have the same problem ?


Would like to find something to give them during their aging years to make them more comfortable.


As always,


Thanks for the advice

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If you are worried about it, try alternatives like adequan and tramadol. From personal experience, I will never use rimadyl ever again. But everyone has their own opinion about it. Genetically, I don't think it would play a role. My fiancé's sister is allergic to all antibiotics, and her siblings are fine. My mom is allergic to aleve. Her brother isnt, and myself nor my brothers are. I know some drugs affect some breeds more than others, but I know some dogs can tolerate it better than others.

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I've prescribed carprofen (Rimadyl) to many thousands of dogs and have only seen one bad reaction. In that case, the owner very badly overdosed the dog. A colleague had a patient on Deramaxx, another NSAID, and the owner also badly overdosed the dog, resulting in his death. You do of course hear the rare reports of dogs dying even when given the correct dose. In the grand scheme of things, compared to how many dogs take these dogs, deaths and other serious reactions are very rare.


There are many NSAIDs on the market for dogs. They really are a miracle for some, adding many pain free years to their lives. Right now my oldest lives in a cocktail of joint supplements and carprofen.


With regard to the OP's question, it's unlikely though possible a sibling has the same drug sensitivity. It depends on why the dog reacted.

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