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New addition thinks she's a linebacker !

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We just rescued an assumed 2 yr old girl. We already have a BC that is 12 1/2. They are getting along quite well except when they go out to play. The new one (not sure of name yet) always rams Tipper (older one) full speed like a linebacker on a football team. Tipper has never been aggressive so won't fight back . . just runs to the house. What can I do to get the new addition to stop this ??

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Originally posted by Northof49:

Keep your new addition on leash when around the old gal. Your new dog just needs to learn that she can't play with the older dog that way. She doesn't know that.

I agree. She might be hurting Tipper if she is body slamming her. I'd want to keep them from playing like that. Maybe keep her on a leash outside unless Tipper is in the house or you can keep the new dog occupied with some other activity like playing fetch. Since you just got her, maybe she will find other ways to play with Tipper -- chasing games, face fighting, etc. that will be more mutually enjoyable. You may want to watch her with other dogs because that body slamming type of play often upsets dogs and can lead to squabbles or even fights. Once you have her for a while and you can teach her a "that's enough" command, you can train her to stop that sort of play, then give her something else to do.
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This case remember me Chemukh, she can't play with other dogs like a good behaved girl, she has to run over thems, pulls thems, jump over thems... and that without even say hello.

Of course, most of the dogs first reaction is to think it's an agression (that, or a truck crashing them)before realize she is just playing.

The owners use to be afraid theirs dogs could hurt mine, but I'm(if the dog is not a super big, super aggresive one) more of the philosophy that dogs have to resolve their owns problems and I used to answer people that maybe she deserved it, and it was the only way to teach Chemukh to learn to be polite, but at this stage I think I lost the battle. Chemukh is so social than she never could think a dog is trying to make her any harm, they are just "playing a little rude" and she keeps being the same undisciplinated and extra-happy dog than ever, and keeps scaring poor dogs at the park

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