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Going blind in one eye

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Is it possible that a Border Collie can go blind or partially blind in one eye?


Pebbles is 12 years old and has one brown eye and one blue eye. Just recently if we go to pet her or give her treats from the right side ( the brown eye) she gets scared and cowers. If we retry from the left side a few minutes later there is no problem. Also she gets very tentative coming up the stairs at night, if we turn on the light no problem.

any thoughts on this.


Thank you

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Traneman, your general vet might be able to send scans, pix, etc of your girl's eyes to the vet opthomoligist via the internet, and get a consult that way. It's done fairly frequently in the U.S., if you live here. Probably available in the U.K., Canada, maybe Europe as well.


Best of luck with your girl, please let us know what you find out.


Ruth and Gibbs

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My first border collie went blind in one eye, it took awhile it happened over a couple of years but he had no problems adjusting and it did not slow him down at all. I can not remember what the disease was but the ophthalmologist said it was congenital and there was nothing we could do.

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Well, that was an interesting outcome, and it is certainly a good reminder that a vet visit has a LOT of value! Hope she feels better soon. These dogs are so stoic; we really need to look out for them.


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