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teaching a runout

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I'm not sure how to teach my border collie to run away from me on command. If you have a ball or frisbee, etc and are throwing it for you she will wait until it is thrown before chasing it. How do I teach her to start out after it before it is thrown so it doesn't get such a big headstart on her?

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With agility we train a "go on" command where the dog continues to move forward and ahead of us without us nessicarily being there. The way I would train a "go" for frisbee is slightly different than in agility but the idea is the same. Put your pup in the ready position and ask them to stay, then take their most favorite treat/toy and show them that you are placing it about 1ft away and return to them. You now have to think of a release word letting them know that it is ok for them to go forward away from you. I use "ok" to release my dog from any sit/stay position I put him in. You might want to use "Ok" or "OK Go" for a release. Do it in an excited manner, you might want to rev them up a bit with a "ready ready ...go" making the dog want to drive toward that toy/treat. Once the dog has arrived at his destination toss the ball or frisbee at them to catch. Gradually extend the distance fade the toy/treat out so that they are not always expecting a toy/treat to be waiting for them. This will take a little time but should work



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I use a target plate (ice cream lid or something like that.) Place the plate on the ground, show the dog the yummy treat you're putting on the plate, then take the dog a little distance away, and then send the dog to get the treat. It's the same principle as Pat describes.


Repeat lots of times, and when the pup is confident at one distance, gradually increase the distance. If you want to make the pup keener, once they've got the idea, you can restrain them (as in flyball) before letting them go and sending them out.


You can gradually decrease the size of the target plate, and if you use a clicker, you can click when the dog gets to the required distance, and then follow up with a treat/toy toss or whatever.


If you want to add jumps etc. for the dog to go out over, it's good to have a helper, so that the treat can be removed if the dog doesn't perform the obstacles before getting to the target.

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I use targets for Dazzle (in the same way that Barb dicribed) and also got Dazzle to go around behing me.


When she runs behind me she gets up speed so eventually I don't even have to say the "go".


Also, if you just keep on doing long throws - the dog will get it in the end, it just takes longer. They then know that the disc will keep moving and they won't be able to catch it if they don't start running!


But teaching "around" (go around behind me) I think works best - with or without a "go".

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For my agility go outs I took advantage of my dog's 'space bubble' - when she got too close, I would turn into her (not touching her just blocking w/ my body) and she would be forced to go further away from me. I started adding a cue when the swerve was going well and now she knows that 'get out' means 'go away from me and take another obstacle'. So far it's working well in Gamblers, which requires the dog to work away from the handler for part of the course. I think it worked great for Maggie since she does have a space bubble and does tend to want to work away from me but thought I wanted her close.


Don't know if this would work w/ frisbee, but figured I would add my 2 cents.

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I tried using "out" but Dazzle didn't know what direction to go out to! I know that for some dogs it does work really well though. Several Champions at that used "out" to teach the dog to keep running. Deffinetly another option.....


Just to make it clear - my deffinition of "go":

go forward in a straight line until

1) you hit a brick wall

2) I tell you to do otherwise

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