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Working dogs vs. Show dogs, Border Collies vs. Labs


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I read the findings a little differently. The working Labs and Collies differed from one another more than was the case for the show lines of the two breeds (on the trait of impulsivity). The take-away seems to be: "These results are therefore consistent with the hypothesis that the creation of a show line results in a significant loss in behavioural diversity traditionally associated with a particular breed with regards to work related behaviour." So, breeding for form reduces functional distinctiveness, making show line dogs from different breeds more alike overall (and lowering breed specific variation relative to individual variation)



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Dear Fellow Students,


I'd like to know How did they determine if a Border Collie was a working border collie or a show Border Collie? Registry would be a pretty good guess, owner's input less good. Somewhere it says: "The 1161 samples included: 716 Border Collies (225 neutered males, 152 entire males, 236 neutered females, 103 entire females) and 445 Labrador Retrievers (136 neutered males, 96 entire males, 125 neutered females, 88 entire females)." which would be typical of a pet/working population sample but a relatively small percentage of working males are castrated here or in the UK.


Donald McCaig

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