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What are the Flydisc/frisbee rules?

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there is no frisbe or flydics competitions in my country, but my dog loves this game and play since he is 1 year old. I throw parallel to the ground and he catches it in the air. Now he is almost 4 years old. Sometimes I do 200 throws a day.Mostly 25-30 mt far sometimes (if there is wind behind 40 mt) After he catches the disc, make a big round and brings to me. Thats all we do.Is this a competition matter or what? What are competition rules? Fast throws? What? The amount of throws? How do the judges give point?

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There is something called "hot zone" that is really cool and sounds like that.

This is the layout.



Your dog has to catch the disc in each zone (in order) and then catch the disc in the middle section. There are a lot of rules and stuff so here is a site about it.


Somewhere in there is something that says the rules and regulations - click on that for the official stuff.


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The idea in most toss and catch distance type competitions is to throw as far as you can, as many times as possible. Hot zone throws in the accuracy factor as you can potentially overthrow the target.


Your dog needs to be trained to come straight to you with the disc as fast as possible, drop it within reach, and preferably circle behind for the next throw. The disc transfer should occur smoothly, without any pauses.


It helps in the beginning to talk quietly to the dog with a command to "drop", circle behind, go out, and a command to look for the disc and catch it. That way they learn the pattern quickly and if anything goes amiss you can help your dog get back into action quickly.


A left and right command is helpful too (be consistent what you mean when you teach this! Dog's left or your left?). Also a look back directional. But one would hope that you would be practicing your own tosses so that you rarely need these! :D


Patrick rarely practiced more than just throwing for Ben a couple times a day when we lived in town, but they got pretty good at it. He could toss 'em right past the 30 yard line with great accuracy. My tosses were never as smooth and stable as Patrick's and if I were throwing with Ben, Ben would give up in disgust and try to give the disc to Patrick! :rolleyes:

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My dog knows right and left,he can walk backwards before I throw the disc sometimes I commands several meters backwards to make the distance of run as far as possible but stil he can catch the disc befor 40 yrds. I have no problem with obedience, he is more faster than the disc anyway, but I can not throw it more than 35-40 yds. Thats the problem, How I can do that, how somebody set the record with 97 yds, thats where I need help!Do they have a special machine? I'm also throwing this stuff more than 100 times a day for 3 years already. And I throw almost perfect parallel he catches in the midair almost 95 percent.

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