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I started teaching agility when I arrived in Mallorca simply because I had more experience than anyone else in the club! But I was so proud of my students this weekend, I had a couple running in pre-agility both who came to the club about 10 months ago, one with a jack russell who we could not let of a long line and had the focus of a flea, and the other a 4 year old border collie who tried eat me, and had never learned anything in his life. This weekend, both of those dogs never left lost their focus, ran smoothly and fast, followed every direction their ladies gave them, now if I can get their partners up to the same level of confidence they will be great teams. My grade 1 dogs rocked as well especially the little Chi mix you had to Qs and placed 1st, did I struggle to find away to teach her weaves!

My own weekend was frustrating as I had a very grumpy dog, who decided he had forgotten how to weave, or at least made it very clear he was not under any circumstance going to weave, but watching my charges do so well made my weekend.

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Pam turned out he had a reason, he has an infection on his penis, poor boy. It happens occasionally as he gets sand trapped and it causes the infection he is on antibiotics and should be a happy boy soon. I have learned that if it is not my bad handling causing him to be a grump then he is uncomfortable and this one had us flummoxed as he was jumping beautifully and had not complaints about his contacts. I just noticed a little excess licking this morning.

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