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Fava is 7 months now and she can catch the disk in the air almost everytime, so I would like to teach her new tricks (the problem is that I don't know any...).


Does anyone know where I can learn new tricks and how to teach them (Website, book, etc.)?





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fayva needs to grow up (she is still really young bone-wise). I would keep the discs low, and not ask for too high jumps. As for tricks- when she is old enough, work with her strengths. Again though, wait or you will be asking for problems, as her young body should not be taking so much concussion.


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7 months is really not even old enough to be catching discs in the air. If you do it now, her body will be a train reck later.


This is the skyhoundz site, they are big frisbee people. It really only tells you how to get the dog to catch a frisbee but it is a good site to know anyway.





Here is a site that is full of sites, I found it pretty helpful. But remember, if you want this dog to be able walk by the time it is 4, she shouldn't really do anything but ground catches. Wait till she is AT LEAST 1 year old, 2 years is even better. If you want to go as soon as posoble, get some Xrays from your vet to see if her growth plates are closed yet.



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