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So I've been begging for advice regarding some problems, and thanks, I really needed/need hivemind help and input. I thought some of you may be worried about poor Sonic stuck with his hyper owner so maybe it would reassure you that I recognize all the ways he is awesome.


My dog is awesome because:

He greets the plumber with calm polite enthusiasm.

He's completely cool about all the weird loud noises the plumber is making, hauling out the old hot water heater and putting a new one in.

He played nice with a dog out in the field.

He played nice with dogs on a three day weekend at a boarding facility.

He is awesome respectful with my cats.

When my cats go completely nutty and start darting about the house he doesn't chase them.

He walks nice on a loose leash most of the time.

He loves to play tug.

He loves to chase me.

He gives hugs, but (mostly) not unless invited.

He loves back scratches.

He's good with kids.

He's awesome with folks at the nursing home (neutral to calmly friendly).

He winds his way through a hallway crowded with walkers and wheelchairs as if they were rocks or chairs.

He settles and sleeps when we watch tv.

He doesn't pee in the house.

He doesn't chew things he shouldn't.

He's gorgeous.


I'm sure there's more.


How is your dog awesome?post-18458-0-71447100-1457191997_thumb.jpg

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Oh gosh, can a moderater please delete my quadruple posts? I was posting from a coffee shop and thought the connection was poor. So so sorry and embarrassed.

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Making me a little misty-eyed here, thinking of all my awesome dogs.


Tillie, a blue-ish cattle dog, made everyone love her. People who didn't like dogs fell in love w/Tillie.

Samantha, my first bc, loved kids. She loved babies above all things - a crying baby always had a friend in Sammi.

Shoshone, my quirky girl, gave me lots of funny stories to tell. From her "This will never do!" look of disdain, to re-arranging tennis balls at the dog park, to her insistence on no wrinkles in her blanket, she always made me laugh. After I'd pulled my hair out.

Buzz, who never met a human he didn't fall in love with. Not so good w/dogs, but greeted every human like a best friend.


Gibbs is awesome for his yodeling, his general goofiness, his willingness to trust me no matter what I'm asking him to do. But my favorite thing is his sensitivity to emotional distress. He was a wonderful companion and reason-to-get-out-and-take-a-walk in the months after my ex left me. Then when my back was injured and I was disabled for 14 months, he was again my reminder that a walk makes everything better. And there's my friend, Linda. She dropped by after she'd had a really rough few months - death in the family, her son doing drugs, death of a dear friend's son. She sat on my couch and started crying. Gibbs NEVER gets on the furniture w/out being asked. But when Linda started to cry, he hopped up right next to her and just gently leaned into her. It was sweet beyond words.


Great topic, but now I need a Kleenex.


Ruth and Gibbs

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Rushdoggie, love the photographic proof.

Ruth, I see a theme here, dogs are awesome for being what they are, not what we train them to do. I hope you have soft kleenex.

And thanks Bill, yes, I'm very happy to have him.

Smalahur, I'm feeling a teensy weensie bit less embarrassed for that--of course he's quadruple post awesome.

More awesome dogs out there?

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Duke is awesome because he loves to cuddle, and is so laid back, calm, and friendly. Ironically, those are also the traits I hate the worst. He is so lay he'd rather take a nap than anything else so it is very hard to train/do anything with him.

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My dog is awesome because a week ago she came in on a train to a busy city, sat quietly with me while I ate, took the tram, and dealt with it all with a wagging tail despite being elderly and deaf. She saw all kinds- traffic, busy city streets, groups of cyclists, small children, we passed (without greeting) dogs of all shapes and sizes.


She got tripped over, sadly, when she stopped suddenly to sniff something on a crowded street, so we won't be doing that again. But her enjoyment of the sights and smells seemed to outweigh the pain- I didn't even realise she was bruised until the next day, it fazed her so little at the time. It's affecting her a lot more now. I am hoping it is just that and will monitor and see how she does. Otherwise it's vet time. I am very happy that she trusts me and will follow me wherever I go. I just hope I didn't make a mistake with that trust.

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Livi is awesome because:

- She lives with all the daily chaos of three active, homeschooled kids and never bats an eye.

- She hasn't met a person she doesn't love, especially kids.

- She hardly ever barks, even with dogs on either side of us who bark incessantly at everything. When she does bark it's a single bark for a specific cause, not a prolonged session.

- She learns incredibly quickly.

- When I don't want to get up in the morning, I do anyway so she can have her early walk.

- On that note, she's borne with me this winter while I'm in the low-energy stage of my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm not much fun from about November through March, but she seems to like me anyway

- Whatever I'm doing, she's in.

- She takes everything in stride. So far, absolutely nothing fazes her. When she finally gets past overenthusiastic greetings, I think she's going to be the kind of dog who can go anywhere.

- She's adorable.

- She's ours.

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Tess is awsome because:

She's my best friend.

She's always happy.

All the things I thought I would like to do with her, we're doing it, because she loves to learn and is always up to a new challenge. She just loves everything if we're doing it together.

She gives the best sloppy kisses.

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