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help with 8 week old biting/training

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On the licking/nibbling: Try to yelp when your pup's teeth touch skin, stand up, and withdraw attention for 30 seconds - this would mimic the reaction of other dogs who don't like pups who bite too hard and really seems to get the point across. Be sure not to give attention of any sort, even saying "No", until the pup is not mouthing.


On food: Eukanuba is really not worth the price - if you feed kibble you'd want to go with a better brand - I feed Eagle Pack Holistic, Prairie, California Natural, and Innova in rotation. Some people have success w/ raw feeding or home cooked diets as well. Do a search on dog food and/or raw for lots more info on the subject. There are two posts in the general section on raw feeding currently.

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Also learn about the ingredients that are in dog food. Then you'll be able to compare brands yourself and know what is good quality and what isn't. Just google "understanding dog food ingredients" and you'll get some good info.


Erin is right on with her advice. Your pup will quickly learn that such behavior gets him nowhere and ends up in his happiness being squashed (momentarily). Just yip and walk away, totally ignoring the pup for a bit. If you don't want to yip then just make a noise like aahhnntt or even just ouch. That works with most pups. If it doesn't then let us know and we'll come up with some other nifty tricks for you to try.

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