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This is silly, I know. But since we got Livi almost three months ago we've been working on slowly expanding her freedom in the house and teaching her to settle down when it's not time to do stuff. Tonight I let her out of her crate after we finished dinner. She wandered around cleaning the floor under the table (she loves our preschooler...) while I dealt with dishes, then she explored the rest of the house. Found a rock, a shoe, a sock, an acorn, a stuffed animal, a piece of paper... usually I give her until about 8 or 8:30 and if she hasn't settled down I put her in her crate or tether her to me with a chew toy. Tonight, just a few minutes after 8, she picked a spot in the family room and settled down by herself. My husband has left the room a couple of times and she's watched him go but stayed in her spot. She settles beautifully in her crate, but I'm really excited to see her settling by herself. Maybe, just maybe, we're figuring this thing out. B)

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