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Aleuu (1-21-16)

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Unfortunately Thursday the 21st I had to say goodbye to a long time friend, Aleuu. She wasn't a border collie but she was a major part of my family. She had a mystery illness (we believe it was auto immune) and after 3 years of trying to fight it off, there was nothing more we could do. She was an aussie mix, and the most loving dog you could ever meet.

At only 9 years old it felt way too soon to say goodbye.

Here are a few puppy pictures, and one picture of her at about 6 years old (just before she got sick). Unfortunately there aren't many pictures of her in her current years due to how awful the disease had her looking, also I'd rather look back on her healthier years.


RIP Aleuu (11-14-2006 - 1-21-16)








Sorry if the photos are very large.

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What a beautiful girl. I think the merle faces with no white are just stunning.


It was far to soon to have to say goodbye. It always is, of course, but at 9 it's way too soon.


I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope your memories will be some comfort to you.



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Thanks guys, yeah it is hard. There are definitely great memories with her, I can still perfectly remember the day I got her and how she tore apart the blanket I got the same day. Such an absolute joy she was.

It was probably for the best, though it kills me to have had to make the decision, but you could tell how much pain she was in. It would have been unfair if I made her suffer any longer, and the vets (we had switched vets about 6 times) even said there was nothing left to do. :(

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