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1 Day Clinic

We will work on strategies for turning the post and successfully making that first drive panel. Reading sheep, draws, flanks, pace, and the all important turn/setting up for the cross drive will be discussed. Lots of work will be done by both you and your dog.

To sign up please contact Dave: 360.280.5597, daveimas@gmail.com, or pm me on Facebook.

Cost: $125



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Timber and I are looking forward to round two!


This is a great mini-clinic series, I would highly recommend other local trainers in their areas to offer similar one day clinics for local students; this is a great educational opportunity at an affordable price and not as intimidating as some of the bigger clinics can be.


Thank you Dave for putting these together! And to Tip for the miles of pasture covered :)

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Just a couple more working slots available for the Drive Away Clinic.

Field looks great and the panels are set. We will be working with groups of 3, 5, and 30 sheep. The course will go from pretty straight forward to "Dave! What the hell were you thinking!"

We'll turn the post around us as well as turn the post in front of us.

Read sheep, look for leaders, moderate pace, and calibrate flanks. We will also address terrain, draws, and balance.

I limit the number of handlers to 10 so everyone gets a lot of work. Work as many dogs as you like. Hope you can join us!

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