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Sneezing in the rain

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We're having more of a normal rainy season here in California, thank goodness. It's nice to see green instead of all brown.


I've noticed that Gibbs sneezes a few times when he first goes out in the rain. He seems happy, tail wagging, hoping for a wet game of fetch. It's predictable - step out into the rain, sniff, sneeze. Walk a bit, sniff some more, sneeze. Sneeze even if he hasn't sniffed. Once he's gotten through 3 or 4 sneezes, it's like he's adjusted.


And not heavy rain, either. Any kind of rain - misting, rain drops, heavier, torrents.


I've not noticed this in previous years - does any one else's dog do this?


Ruth and (achoo!) Gibbs

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'm guessing he's just inhaling some water up his nose on his first sniff, and the tickle would last a while. And, nope, haven't noticed. Maybe he's just excited by the rain & wet, some dogs sneeze when they're excited.

"Sneezing in the Rain" sounds like a song title. ;-)

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