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First proper agility show run by my daughter -



OK he got eliminated but he came straight back and carried on. Not bad considering how little quality training he has had compared with other dogs of his age.


And he had spent the whole of the day before at a sheepdog clinic.


If anyone else has an IGS affected dog this is what they can do once they get the B12 injections.


The 1-4 is the grades in that class. He starts at Grade 3 because he doesn't have a newbies handler or owner.

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No Tim. That is and will remain full height for Large dogs and it's the height he will have to jump if he runs in major qualifiers or qualifies for Champ even after the rules change in July.


Qualifiers will be our aim and I don't much like his action over lower jumps atm. I'd rather he learned to jump properly before deciding whether to jump him lower in competition sometimes. It may be a moot point as most of the shows we go to have qualifiers and dogs will have to jump the same height for the duration of each show.


The difference will be that all three heights of dog will have the option to jump 10cm lower than their full height if they enter a show that gives them the choice. Shows will have flexibility as to whether and how they apply the rules in terms of classes scheduled and awards given.


My thoughts? Nothing so far has convinced me that the vast majority of the huge number of dogs competing here come to any harm jumping the current height. Dogs going faster over lower jumps can make it difficult for handlers to keep their dogs from being a risk to themselves. I also don't believe that competitive sports should be expected to be all inclusive.


However, I do recognise that there are a few otherwise fit and healthy dogs that would benefit from jumping lower and if were aiming at including them in the future this is as reasonable a compromise as is possible. There has been a very vocal group calling for a fixed fourth height but that would still exclude the very big and heavy dogs and the tiny ones. Height alone is a very simplistic measure of jump height suitability.


As a show organiser I'm a facilitator and my job is to offer as wide a range of classes as we can and it always takes creative thinking to do that. This is no different and within 24 hours of the announcement of the change I had drafted a class schedule for what will be the first show in the country to put it into practice. Lucky us!


Discussion over (I wish), decision made - time to get on with it.

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