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I have a friend who took this. She started with a puppy. It is a systematic method of teaching handling skills. So, while you could start with an older, trained dog it would involve a lot of retraining I think. Also, it is geared toward skills focused toward more European type courses and a large part of it involves being ahead of your dog. My friend didn't complete the course but she did gain confidence in handling her dog because she had a system in place.


For the help you're seeking I would highly recommend Tracy Sklenar's Agility U.(http://www.agility-u.com) You can sign up for Campus Center which gives you access to articles, handling drills and discussion with Tracy. If you pay for it (an extra $10 I think) you can get 5 minutes of video review/week (this is way worth it!). Tracy will come up with a personal plan for you based on the issues you are having. She is very positive and will work with you where you are to get you where you want to go. She doesn't have a cookie cutter approach and will try different things to help you and your dog communicate best.


You would start off telling her your issues, submitting some video's from trials or practice and then she would give you suggestions and create training plans just for you. I think with the video review it's $65/month and you can stop at any time - you pay month to month.


She also offers individual classes as well. I started taking her foundation classes with Rook and was a member of Campus Center until this past month. She uses fun games and short sequences to teach many skills. As the finale to my infomercial for her I'll include two runs from Rook's third trial :)



Best Wishes in finding something that helps you!



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I have taken online classes with Daisy Peel which were very good and Amanda Shyne Data Driven Agility who's classes I love she is a really good trainer and well known in the NE and because she is not one of the "Rock Star" trainers you get loads of feed back and it can help you take your handling to the next level.

Personally I think SGs online classes are to expensive and you are paying for her name. Today there are loads of options out there.

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I am doing h360 and think it is more than worth the money. I actually just renewed my membership (renewals are discounted) I initially took it to help with my bad handling with my older agility dog that I could not keep up with, who just got frustrated with me, it has helped tremendously. I seriously cannot recommend it enough. on the surface it may look expensive, but what you get is completely worth it and then some. i honestly have to say that I have yet to take an online class that I think is of better value than Susan Garrett's classes. I have done a number of online classes and Susan Garrett's have always gone way, way above and beyond. Regular coaching calls, comments and input on you questions and your videos, a Facebook group and seriously in depth training. Plus the community is amazing. and the bonuses she gives us are tremendous. Susan and Linda are extremely accessible. plus, not only do you get new coaching calls, you have access to the past coaching calls as well. Chan, I also think your friend missed a lot of the class, as the system she uses is A). Not incompatible with other handling systems, in fact several current and former world team members have taken the course and B). doesn't require you to always be ahead of your dog, but gives you the tools so that you can communicate better with your dog, so your dog has the information he/she needs even if you are not right there. seriously worth it.

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