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I am so very sorry to hear this. It is good that she could be with Bliss....I think any of us would want to be with our dog. I know I would, more than anything, and I am sure that it helped her.

I always had such a vivid impression of Diane as being an amazingly strong woman, just from the way she wrote, and I guess I always thought she would beat the cancer. I am so sorry she has not, and I will miss her contributions here very much. Godspeed, Diane.

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Diane is still with us, but she stands with one foot on the Bridge.

Janet Thorpe posted this about an hour ago:


"Tuesday afternoon update: I visited Diane today from 11-1:30. Jb and Michael were there from the herding world. Two of her friends from her Ultimate Frisbee days were also there. At the lunch hour, more herding friends and all of Diane's team of co-workers from the FFA arrived. After they left, Tim arrived with Rainey (Scott x Tess pup, aka Princess). Rainey spent time on Diane's bed, nuzzling her hand and keeping Diane's legs warm. Tim also brought with him one of Diane's most precious awards she has ever won in the sheepdog world - the Kathy Rivers quilt that she and Tess won in 2009 for being the high-combined trial winner of three big trials in the PNW. Diane loves that quilt. The quilt makes her hospital bed so much more comfortable too.

I believe after I left, Diane A. Garwood came again to do another energy work session with Diane.

Diane was surrounded by pure love today. Many of the messages and notes you have sent to Getty and others this week have been shared with Diane, to the best of our abiity. Everyone is sending A LOT of love her way!!

I'm speaking on behalf of Getty and Diane's family members that this outpouring of love, memories and gratitude delivered toward this wonderful person that is Diane has been truly cherished and has been critical in giving them strength to let Diane go and heal their breaking hearts. Thank you everyone.

I will not be going to the hospital again so you will not see anymore updates from me. I am honored that Diane appointed me as her "social media director." I am honored that she allowed me to get to know all of you, from all the different facets of her life. I feel blessed to have been a part of Diane's vibrant life. Take care everyone."


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I was on the HA board when Diane got Tess ROM'd - as I recall it was the first ABCA ROM, or maybe it had just been a very long time. Tess opened the way for others and reset our thinking. I met Diane at a couple western trials and we talked a lot because she loved dogs and loved to talk about them. She was a pistol.


Adios, Diane. See you on down the road.



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I met Diane at the 2006 Finals in Klamath Falls. I was initially drawn to her because of her name; I had never met a Pagel that I didn't grow up with (Pagel is my mother's family). Diane's personality was infectious and a pleasure to be around; she made me feel welcomed in her group of friends. We talked dogs and of course family (her father's family came from the same area in WI where my grandfather's family is from). She will be missed.

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The Trial Fields Of Heaven

Are far far away
And judged by a shepherd
Or so they do say.

It always is morning
the sheep sweet and right
from the flocks
of the Father,
who graze on pure light.

The outrun is far
the drives are the same
but dogs here in heaven
do it again and again.

there's a new handler
come to the post
an old partner beside her
The Angels do toast.

She's new to this field
But great ones before
will point out the draw
And watch and adore

The new team
among them
so young and so strong
will run dogs in heaven
for forever is long.

For Diane



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Tea, a beautiful tribute to Diane. May her family and friends find peace in knowing how much Diane meant to a lot of people - many, like me, who never met her, but enjoyed her posts and the joy she took in sharing her knowledge.


Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy." - author unknown.


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Donald's right. She was a pistol. If something needed to be done, she just stepped right up, got everyone organized, and made it happen, and happen until it was done. In the human network, she was a node. A connector. She was so outgoing and inclusive. I'm going to miss her terribly. I can hear her voice now, bright, friendly, inquisitive, a bit bossy (in a very good way). She's a person that one remembers in action, because she almost always was.




Diane at 2012 Finals in Klamath Falls.

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