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clomipramine for ocd


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Spark is an 8 year old BC that I brought home in 2013. He has always been obsessive - running circles, barking in the other dogs faces, etc but until last February, we never had issues with him being overly aggressive with the other dogs. Without going into all the details, the fight seemed to have been misdirected aggression toward Flint due to some idiot in the area firing his rifle repeatedly. That was the first indication that Spark was vey noise phobic. From that time, we have not been able to have Spark and Flint together without fights. Spark's obsessiveness seems to have escalated as well. We had his thyroid checked - all normal so we are trying clomipramine with some behaviour modification exercises as well.

Just wondering if anyone else has had experience using this medication and did you find it helped.

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I used it for Shoshone - helped her a lot. At times she was aggressive towards Samantha, and once she got the clomipramine going, she was much less so. It sounds like Spark is more regularly aggressive than Shoshone was, so hard to say if it will help.


Good luck - this is tough to deal with.


Ruth and Gibbs

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