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Best dog bath tub or wash station for occasional users?

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Hello guys,


A friend of mine living in the countryside is looking for some advice. She is a dog breeder (border collies and shelties) and she shows some of her dogs in the ring. She wants to invest in one, only one dog washing station.


However, she has spoken to several people in her neighbourhood and area, and they would all be happy to let her groom their dogs against a small fee. There are no groomers around there so she would be the go-to person. Nothing super professional but just for trims, wash and beautifying sessions hehe.


She is looking into getting the best dog bath tub for dogs of all sizes and shapes, nothing too fancy but still something safe, stable and convenient. She lives in a house so the space is not an issue at all.


What are your best options for something around the £200 mark?


Thanks a lot guys!

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I have the Booster Bath as well, the version that came with a ramp and also pedestals that go under the legs of the tub if I wanted it to be higher (the pedestals I have look different than what's on the website now).

When I first got it, I had some issues with the water pressure popping the sprayer completely off the end of the hose when I used the twisty on/off thing on the nozzle...replaced something or other with a part from the local hardware store, and don't have the issue any more.

I have wished about a thousand times that the tub was deeper/sides were higher. There's a very good chance that I'm a complete spaz :) , but I seem unable to thoroughly rinse my dogs without water getting everywhere.

Overall, it's great, especially for the price, and I love the fan nozzle sprayer.

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