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I just wanted to update everyone who posted suggestions for dealing with Speedy's jumping issues. I'm happy to say that we have progress!


I am really starting to think that even if we can't eventually solve this problem, we may someday manage it decently well!


I took a threefold approach to dealing with this. First, I kept the jump around where he can see it for desensitization. Sometimes I put it by his food bowl while he ate, sometimes it was someplace that he had to step over it when just walking around, etc.


I also started doing some specific "control" work with around the jump. I put him in a sit-stay or down-stay and got out the jump. He would have to hold it until I released him and then I sent him over the jump. I deliberately didn't let him jump back over it the other way, but blocked it, brought him around and repositioned him for another "stay". I didn't always put him in the same spot and sometimes I would move around the room a bit before releasing him. The idea was to teach him to keep his head and wait for me to send him.


I think that is starting to help matters.


The third piece of this was the matter of him actually taking the jump properly on cue. I added a "hint" to him in my jump command to let him know that a jump is coming. The "hint" is the word "now". So, when we are heeling along and he hears "now", he will know that I am about to send him. I think that is helping, too.


I decided to completely retrain the "jump" command as if he had no clue what it was. I put him in a sit-stay and placed a target on the other side of the jump. When I said, "now jump", he jumped over and went to the target.


It seems like that is helping, too.


We were at a run through recently where he did the jump perfectly. The fact that it was out there still made him go "out of his mind" a little, but it seems like there has been some improvement.

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