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They were common not long ago. I'm looking for the sort of thing that was fleece or some such on top, with canvas or Cordura on the bottom. We use them in the car, or to throw over a kennel pad, or even to throw over furniture (our house looks like a dog house no matter what...).


I went looking tonight and the ranch store didn't have them, and the big-box pet stores didn't have them. Now a 'dog blanket' is a soft, flimsy bit of fleece that any self-respecting dog would destroy in an hour. We've had ours for years, but I need another one or two.


Anyone know where to find them?

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I think I know what you want, but right now, I can't think of where (on-line store) I have seen them.


One thing that I have been considering is a sofa/chair cover on wayfair.com (IIRC).


Or there is this http://www.wayfair.com/AlphaPooch-Sleeper-Dog-Mat-DKP1028.html from wayfair.com But it has cotton on one side, not the canvas/cordura.


Check Amazon.

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I have a fabulous blanket that's fleece on one side and thick plaid something (cotton/acrylic sweater like stuff?) on the other. Got it at a yard sale for $1. It's meant to be a human blanket - looks like something you'd use on a sleigh ride - but it's the best car dog blanket ever. Maybe look for something like that? In human stores?


In the house, my dog does well with those cheap fleece fuzzy throws they sell at all home goods stores. I make a donut out of them, and she snuggles right into the middle. So easy to wash and dry, too.


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I get a lot of material for dog blankets, beds, and crate pads from thrift stores, and make my own. People throw out perfectly good fleece blankets all the time. Lots cheaper, and if you have a sewing machine it's a cinch. (and I am most decidedly Not a seamstress. All I can do is sew things together, but that's all you need to do).

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