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Has anyone used Adaptil or similar pheromone products? If so, what brand, what method of delivery (ie. collar, diffuser, wipes, spray), and was it helpful?

I'm going to be house/dog sitting for 8 days after Thanksgiving and Tansy's reactive. With my 2 dogs, there'll be a total of 10 dogs! 5 will be kept largely in the semi-finished basement and the dogs upstairs can be separated, but there'll still be a lot of back and forth and I want to try to lower the stress levels for everyone (including me!) as much as possible.

Any input will be appreciated!


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I used the feline version and it did a decent job with the cats. Tried the doggy version, it didn't do anything I could see. I believe that others on the Board have had better results.


As for the humans, red wine works wonders for me in the relaxation department. It does have side effects, though: laughing uproariously at something not really that funny and a slowed response time. The taste makes me forget the side effects, and luckily for me, it doesn't take a high dosage to achieve the relaxation part.


Ruth and Gibbs

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My boy is overly excitable with dogs and interesting people (any person who acknowledges his existence), so the class trainer suggested using the collar to help him settle a bit in class.

It didn't work any miracles, but it definitely took the edge off.

I didn't even notice a change at first until I took it off.


If you do end up using the collar, you can prolong their use a bit by placing them in a ziplock bag in the fridge when not in use.

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