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Free Pet ID tag - PetHub, QR coded

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FYI: If anyone has been wanting to get a QR coded ID tag (not sure if I have the lingo correct, so apologies in advance) for their dog, now may be the time to jump on it. You can get a basic tag for free or get a $14.95 discount on premium tags. Disclaimer: I haven't read through the whole website, but I think the free offer is for a tag - with QR code on it - and free registration on their website.


With many people in possession of smartphones today, this is a faster way to be re-united with a lost dog.




It's been 5 years.

We are celebrating by (once again) giving away free tags!
Visit https://www.pethub.com/freetag to get your Free PetHub ID tag today.
(Offer ends November 30th, or while supplies last).

About a week ago, one of my teammates remarked that it was coming up on 5 years since we filed our first patent on digital ID tags. In early November 2010, we officially launched publicly by inviting 300 pet parents to help us test our new innovative lost pet recovery system by giving them free PetHub QR ID tags, the first of their kind. When CNET picked up the story a week later (on Nov. 18, 2010), 300 free tags quickly turned into 3000 free tags and we were off to the races!

It's been an incredible 5 years: Awards, growth, innovation...and saving pets' lives (which was our goal in the first place!). PetHub has helped 100's of your pets make it home safe and sound -- more than 96% are home in less than 24 hours. I cannot express how incredibly proud I am of my team, those results and what we built at PetHub. It's because of the help we've received along the way from incredible pet parents and animal safety advocates like yourself that we've become the best lost pet recovery solution available.

I wanted to share something else with you and, once again, ask for your help. Last night, without my knowledge, my Director of Marketing turned on a "Free Tag" offer we did at the end of October. Then she went and posted it on social media. I woke up to a bunch of new orders for free basic ID tags. Her thinking (and I like the way she's thinking), "Why not celebrate 5 years by doing what we did when we first started when we gave away tags? Let's make it super easy to get as many folks protected with PetHub as possible!" Even though she was nervous that I would balk at "giving away lots of free ID tags," I'm supporting this 100%!

To that end, I want to once again ask for your help: Spread the word about how we get lots pets home fast:

Until November 30th, anyone wanting a free PetHub digital ID tag can get one by visiting https://www.PetHub.com/FreeTag (or while supplies last)!

Please share the news about our free tag giveaway via email, social media, smoke signals, "Twilight Barking" -- any way that makes sense to you.

And please feel free to partake yourself, too. Get another free basic PetHub digital ID tag. Or, use the coupon code FREETAG to get $14.95 off ANY other regularly priced PetHub tag or collar. (You can even use it to save $14.95 on an upgrade to our premium subscription plan.) And all you have to pay is shipping & handling as applicable (and tax if you live in Washington State).

As always, my virtual door is open. I love hearing feedback about what we can do to make PetHub better for you and your pets. My day is brightened every time you send me pictures of your pets in our ID tags and my heart is filled each time you share stories about how PetHub helped get your furry family member home safe and sound. Please keep those emails coming, folks. I really appreciate them! (my "Pack Leader" email, by the way, is PL@pethub.com and it's the fastest way to communicate with me)

Yours truly,

Pack Leader, Founder & CEO
PetHub, Inc.


Hope this helps,


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