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A very EAGER 5-month-old (to play Frisbee) ...

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Hi folks: I'm just wondering how old my little girl should be before I can encourage the jumping she so eagerly wants to do....I've been warned that high jumping is not a good idea when they are really young because of potential hip damage, etc. When she chases the Frisbee I do throw it close to the ground so as not to encourage her to jump for it, but when she retrieves it (and as I get ready to throw it again), she's leaping about and getting pretty much up in the air....is this bad for her at 5 months? When can I let her jump as high as SHE wants??? Thanks for your help.

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I'll come in here - with the warning that I'm probably super-cautious - and say that I like to wait till the dog's growth plates have closed (approximately 12 months) before I ask them to do any jumping, or set up a situation which will require them to jump. Of course they're going to do silly things on their own, but IMHO, it's really important that we don't set things up for them to do stuff which they can do, but won't be good for them.


Advice from other disc people in the past has been to do rollers - and even then, I'd be careful of anything requiring fast stops and turns.


This period in a puppy's life is a great time to teach things like basic (and advanced) obedience, bomb proof recalls, hide-and-seek, and back-end awareness. All these will help you when it comes to working on the serious physical stuff once the pup's musculo-skeletal structure is reayd for it.


I prefer to try to have a sound dog that I can keep doing stuff with for years, even into senior years, rather than to risk eraly burn out or disabling injury through starting too early.

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You can also do lots of playing which will "transfer" later to agility and perhaps even obedience. "Tug" is one (being careful of baby teeth, of course, if she still have them), trading one toy for another (which requires running but not far and not chasing anything), "around" and "behind" (around your legs), "right" and "left" - basically anything to work the dog's mind as much as her body. Both need to learn how to learn!

Have fun!

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Hi Marie,

I love K9 frisbee. I had the 1984 VA State Champion (back in the day when Alpo had state competitions).

I have an 8mo BC named OZ. I was practicing my frisbee throws as he and my JRT were playing and he tore his shoulder. This has set back my frisbee training with him for months until he heals. I strongly suggest waiting for 1 yr. due to the growth plates as "Tassie's" owner suggest. That is some very important information they gave you. I would give rollers to the pup and let him/her run after them. And you should also use a puppy size disc. Take a look at www.skyhounds.com for some worldclass frisbee k9 information and www.hyperflite.com for the puppy disc's.

Let me know if you want to chat K9 frisbee. I'll talk all day about it.


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forgot to also mention a great Frisbee K9 club on the East Coast called M.A.D Dogs (Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs



Most of the world champions are club memebers so if you go to a competition you'll meet some of the greatest frisbee players in the world and they actually will share ideas with you and help you with your training. Great group of people!

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