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Ms. Denise Fenzi recently published a new book geared toward a pet dog audience (or toward trainers who work with pet dog clients) called, "Beyond the Back Yard"


If you have ever thought or said, "+R trainers must have food on them at all times", this book is for you!! In this book, Ms. Fenzi details how to move from getting trained behaviors reliably in the presence of reinforcers such as food or toys to having a dog who will perform trained behaviors in everyday situations where such reinforcers are not present!


I highly recommend this one!! This is the "missing link" for so many who attend introductory dog training classes, especially when they don't go on to sports and other activities.


The book is well written, accessible to the average person, yet full of gems for the more experienced trainer. And it is all from a positive reinforcement based approach.

This one is worth a read, no matter what your training experience level may be!!!


Book description and reviews are available on Amazon. The book can be ordered from Ms. Fenzi's website, as well.




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Oh, I will have to look!!


Dean is in there. I forgot I sent it to her and I was reading and all of a sudden I get the odd sensation that my own dog is staring at me from the page. And he was!!!


He's in there in another place, too.


I will look for Kolt!!!

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