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My Friend Diane is in the hospital and really needs everyone's prayers and good thoughts.

Diane has trialed and taught lessons and trained dogs all through her illness.

During the wildfires She and Gloria and a few others started the gofundme account that helped my family and served the community when they really needed help in a disaster.

She did this while undergoing treatments that left her weak and sick.


Diane has a courage that most dream of.


Please keep her in your thoughts.


Also she wishes to know how to have her dog become a service dog.


Needs to be close to Seattle or Tacoma general area.


Janet I hope its ok I put this here.

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I've been thinking about her a lot lately. Pulling for her. This was what was required in my county in California. The application below, and a letter from a doctor or shrink, saying that the dog really is a material help to you. I was allowed by my doctor to take Sugarfoot in for one of my regular appointments so she could see how the dog behaved and assisted me. I also wrote up a letter detailing same, which my doctor then signed.


I sent in the application, the letter and a photo of the dog. As I recall there was a small processing fee.





It took about three weeks to get the certificate and tag back from them

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Diane is one tough cookie. I really admire her tenacity. I particularly love how she described a sheepdog trial a couple weeks ago. She had gotten so sick that she basically was passed out in a friend's trailer for most of it, but she got up and ran her dog, and a friend's dog too. She very matter-of-factly described her physical problems, but the bottom line? "The dogs ran great. Had a blast!"


She's been trialing Bliss throughout, and Bliss has been running wonderfully and is Diane's comfort dog off the field, as a good border collie instinctively knows how to be.


Some of you might read her blog -- http://deltabluez.blogspot.com/

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Diane is going on our parish prayer network. I would appreciate some information about what her problem is. Only if it's OK with her to share. But the folks at my church really do care and want to be as specific as possible about their prayers.

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