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I like it CSW! My sister already has a Jimmy though. They wouldn't be together much, but it would confuse ME. Lol


I did consider Lady. Then I'd have my Cricket bug and Lady bug.


When I was a kid we got a Border Collie pup and named him Oreo. A few years later some acquaintances asked if we'd take their Border Collie because they thought he needed a bigger yard (I think really he was getting old and they weren't interested in spending time with him anymore, but whatever). My parents agreed, so he came to live with us. And his name was also Oreo. We thought about changing it, but we figured the poor old guy already had enough to adjust to. So we had First and Second Oreo for a few years until Second Oreo passed on.


If you're going on a bug theme, you could also consider June bug.

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