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Well I did it. I took in a border collie in need. With all of Cricket's dwarfism issues, it's not really a good time to be getting another dog, but sometimes you just have to roll with it. (And Cricket's breeder is pitching in) Hopefully she'll have SOME instinct to herd. It doesn't have to be pretty. That's down the road. At least she doesn't appear to be afraid of livestock. I've just had her on leash with me when I do chores. Someone has sure beat the living bejesus out of this dog.

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Congratulations and kudos for giving the poor scared girl a safe and loving home.


As for name suggestions, a picture might help. ;)


ETA: Didn't see the other thread when I posted this. She's beautiful.


I think a nice, upbeat, happy name she can grow into would be great . . . actually, I kinda like Happy!

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